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Table of Contents
Part 1: Introduction
1. What is CB and Why should I care?
2. Value and the Consumer Behavior Value Framework
Part 2. Internal Influences
3. Consumer Learning Starts Here: Perception
4. Comprehension, Memory and Cognitive Learning
5. Motivation and Emotion: Driving Consumer Behavior
6. Personality, Lifestyles and the Self-Concept
7. Attitudes and Attitude Change
Part 3. External Influences
8.Consumer Culture
9. Microcultures
10, Group and Interpersonal Influence
Part 4. Situations and Decision Making
11. Consumers in Situations
12. Decision Making I: Need Recognition and Search
13. Decision Making II: Alternative Evaluation and Choice
Part 5. Consumption and Beyond
14. Consumption to Satisfaction
15. Consumer Relationships
16. Consumer and Marketing Misbehavior

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Babin, Harris

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