Developing Competencies in Research: A Practical Guide for Students & Instructors


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  • Title: Developing Competencies in Research: A Practical Guide for Students & Instructors
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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: The Nature and Relevance of Research

Chapter 2: Reviewing the Literature

Chapter 3: Focusing on the Research Problem

Chapter 4: Making the Research Problem Manageable

Chapter 5: Developing the Theoretical and Conceptual Frameworks of the Study

Chapter 6: Writing and Developing the First Two Chapters of the Research Proposal

Chapter 7: Selecting the Appropriate Research Design

Chapter 8: Quantitative Research Designs

Chapter 9: Historical and Ethnographic Research Designs

Chapter 10: Qualitative Research Designs

Chapter 11: Selecting the Participants of the Study

Chapter 12: Developing Procedures and Tools for Data Gathering

Chapter 13: Planning the Analysis and Interpretation of Research Data

Chapter 14: Developing the Last Section of the Proposal

Chapter 15: Preparing the Research Report


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