Marketing Research Essentials (Outlines, Case Studies, and Applications)


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Table of Contents
Part 1. Marketing Research Essentials and Problem Definition
Chapter 1. The Role of Marketing Research
Chapter 2. Gathering Marketing Intelligence: The Systems Approach
Chapter 3. Gathering Marketing Intellingence:The Project Approach
Chapter 4. Problem Formulation
Part 2. Research Design
Chapter 5. Types of Research Design and Exploratory Research
Chapter 6. Descriptive and Casual Research Designs
Part 3. Data Collection Methods
Chapter 7. Secondary Data
Chapter 8. Standarlized Marketing Services
Chapter 9. Collecting Primary Data
Chapter 10. Collecting Information by Communication
Chapter 11. Collecting Information by Observation
Part 4, Data Collection Forms
Chapter 12. Asking Good Questions: Measurement Basics
Chapter 13. Measuring Attitudes and Other Variables
Chapter 14. Designing the Questionnaire or Observation Form
Part 5. Sampling and Data Collection
Chapter 15. Developing the Sampling Plan
Chapter 16. Determining Sample Size
Chapter 17. Collecting the Data: Non Sampling Error and Response Rate Calculation
Part 6. Data Analysis
Chapter 18. Data Analysis Preliminary Steps
Chapter 19/ Data Analysis: Analyzing Individual Variables and Basic of hypothersis Testing
Chapter 20. Data Analysis: Analyzing Multiple Variables Simultaneously
Part 7. Research Reports
Chapter 21. The Research Report

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