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  • Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning (February 20, 2020)
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  • Section  1  Ethical Theories
  •   Article 1  Ethical Theories: An Introduction
  •   Article 2  Character in Context: Policing Realities
  •   Article 3  Classical and Modern Ethical Theory: A Brief Survey
  •   Article 4  Cultural Relativism and Cultural Absolutism: How Does the Discussion Relate to Africa’s Affairs?
  • Section  2  Ethics and the Lawmaking Process
  •   Article 5  Introduction to Ethics and the Lawmaking Process
  •   Article 6  The Conservative Rationale for Criminal Justice Reform
  •   Article 7  From Watergate to Pancakes: Ethics in the Ohio General Assembly
  •   Article 8  Proper Role of Government
  •   Article 9  Federal Law, State Law, and City Enforcement Issues
  • Section  3  Ethics and the Common Good
  •   Article 10  Introduction to Ethics and the Common Good
  •   Article 11  The Ethics of Eminent Domain
  •   Article 12  The Firearm Debate: The Legality, Morality, and Ethics of Ownership
  •   Article 13  Right to Health: The History of Needle-Exchange Programs and State Control
  • Section  4  Ethics and Law Enforcement
  •   Article 14  Policing and Ethics: Controversies of Force, Culture, and Society
  •   Article 15  Should Big Brother Be Watching? Ethical Concerns of Police Body Cams
  •   Article 16  The Ethics of Police Use of Force
  •   Article 17  Ethics and Law Enforcement: Examining the Ethical Considerations of Focused Deterrence Strategies
  • Section  5  Ethics and the Judicial System
  •   Article 18  Ethics Within the Court System
  •   Article 19  Lawyers, Clients, and Ethics in Class Action Cases
  •   Article 20  Ethical Responsibilities and Challenges in the Courtroom Work Group
  •   Article 21  Christian Burial Speech
  •   Article 22  The Ethics of Prosecutors
  • Section  6  Ethics and the Correctional System
  •   Article 23  Introduction to Correctional Ethics
  •   Article 24  Ethics and Manipulation in Corrections: Having One Combats the Other
  •   Article 25  The Increase of Aging and Elderly Inmates in Local Jails, State Prisons, and Federal Correctional Facilities: Likely Causes, Current Problems, and Possible Solutions
  •   Article 26  Jail and Social Class
  •   Article 27  Ethics and Community Corrections
  • Section  7  Ethics and Special Population
  •   Article 28  Special Populations in Criminal Justice
  •   Article 29  Are We Not All Special? Doing Research with Correctional Populations Inside and Outside of Prison
  •   Article 30  Ethical Issues with the Incarceration of the Mentally Ill
  •   Article 31  The Ethics of Panhandling: Free Speech Intersects with Social Control
  •   Article 32  Higher Learning: Race and the School-to-Prison Pipeline
  • Section  8  Surveillance, Security, and Crime Control
  •   Article 33  Introduction to Surveillance, Technology, and Crime Control
  •   Article 34  Studying Surveillance and Tech Through “Digital Punishment”
  •   Article 35  U.S. Ethical Issues and Considerations as They Relate to Immigration
  •   Article 36  Deleting Terror: Exploring the Ethical Aspects of Countering Online Extremism
  •   Article 37  The Ethics of Catastrophic Incidents
  • Section  9  Ethics and Social Change
  •   Article 38  Social Change and the U.S. Courts
  •   Article 39  Character in Context: “Do You Want to Do Something About It?”
  •   Article 40  No “Piece of Cake”: Applying Liberty and Equality in Masterpiece Cakeshop
  •   Article 41  Ethics of School Desegregation in Little Rock, Arkansas
  •   Article 42  Living and Dying
  • Section  10  Juveniles and Ethics
  •   Article 43  Ethical Issues in Juvenile Justice
  •   Article 44  Youth Cybercrime
  •   Article 45  Ethics of Juvenile Waivers
  •   Article 46  Legal and Ethical Issues for Students
  •   Article 47  Contextual Considerations When Serving Justice-Involved Youth with Exceptionalities
  • Section  11  College Students’ Rights and Ethics
  •   Article 48  Ethical Dilemmas: Finding the Right Behavior in College Life
  •   Article 49  Character in Context: My Life as an Academic Student Advocate
  •   Article 50  Addressing Plagiarism Among Undergraduate Students: It’s Time to Adopt a Restorative Justice Approach
  •   Article 51  The Problem of Title IX
  •   Article 52  Research Ethics in Criminal Justice
  • Section  12  Ethics and Popular Culture
  •   Article 53  Tweets, Snaps, Streaming, Hashtags, and @s: Pop Culture and the Ethical Landscape
  •   Article 54  Character in Context: Mass Incarceration Creates Monsters
  •   Article 55  An Immovable Object1 and a Corruptible City: Ethical Considerations in The Dark Knight Trilogy
  •   Article 56  Art, Entertainment, or Admission of Guilt? Contextualizing Crime in Rap Lyrics
  •   Article 57  Media, Ethics, and Crime


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