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  • Title: Statistics and Probability
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  • Author/s: Carpio . Guillermo . Angeles . De Guzman
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  • Copyright: 2015
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Statistics and Probability


This book Statistic and Probability, features the modified groupings of topic which is basically according on the ladderized needs of students in properly cmprehending basic concepts in Statistics. The topics are based on the prioritized ideas that students must learn before proceeding to the next. 

This book also gives a generalized step by step procedure on solvinga specific problem in Statistics to train a student in solving math problems systematically. It also includes sample problems that apply the step by step procedure discussed in a given topic. This book also gives numerous of exercises that can actually test the critical thinking and mathematical ability of the students.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Basic Concepts of Statistics

Chapter 2. Collecting Data

Chapter 3. Presentation of Data

Chapter 4. Frequency Distribution Table

Chapter 5. Measure of Central Tendency

Chapter 6. Measure of Variation

Chapter 7 Relative Dispersion, Skewness, and Kurotsis

Chapter 8. Normal Distribution Curve

Chapter 9. Hypothesis Testing

Chapter 10. Non-Parametric Testing

Chapter 11. Simple Correlation and Regression


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